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My Pet Sitting & Pet Feeding service is tailored for customers with smaller domestic animals such as cats, fish, rabbits, where you would prefer them to stay in your home while you go away. Services vary from pop-in visit to a 30-minute visit.

Spot On Pet Care Pop-In visit – I will visit your home and feed your animal(s), make sure that they have fresh water as well as clean up after them. I will also pick up your mail and switch on / off lights to make it appear that someone is at home, while you are away.

Spot On Pet Care Pet Sitting visit – I will visit your home and perform all the same duties as the Pop-In visit and in addition, I will also spend more time with your pet(s) which includes loads of extra TLC for your animal(s).



Pop-In visit: £7.50 per visit

Pet Sitting visit (30 Minutes): £10.00 per visit.

Addition Pet: £2.00 per different pet



Customer’s keys are securely locked away and identified in a way that means if they get lost or stolen they cannot be associated with any property they belong to.

Please feel free to call me anytime if you would like more information regarding my Pet Sitting service. Suzanne 07733598068

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